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Thursday, January 9, 2014

All's Fair in Vietnam's Lady

The story of “All’s Fair in Vietnam’s Lady” is about an old Vietnamese lady, who is become an English teacher at Vietnam for the first time she arrived at Vietnam. She realized that she needed some more formal attire for maintain her respectabily so that she tourist to Ben Thanh Market for search of some cheap clothes. Then she found shop selling kharkis and asked the sales girl how much they cost. But the sales girl praise to the lady because she pretty. The lady blushed because the sales girl was praised her. The lady not too shocked because the sales girl wasn’t the only one to asked like that she always been rather self-conscious about her beautiful face. She was the one who is used sunblocked that was weaker than SPF 50 so she’s not afraid with sunlight not like other ladies to stay away from the sunlight.Someone  demanded to know what kind of special diet she was on to maintain such a complexion. In elevators people comes towards me and then they compare their own skin with mournful sigh of den. Sunscreen is too expensive but Vietnam girls solve the problem by use it to protecting themselves from UV rays. Vietnam’s girl wearing a coverings, including hats, gloves and face-masks that makes them look like motobike-driving. Moreover, some of Vietnam’s girl go to spas for whitening, tough exactly how this was accomplished she bever did find out. She noticed that who is wearing a skin cream will looked deathly ill more than anything else. It doesn’t  a genius to discover the moral in this. That people think what is desire is expensive and difficult to maintain. Not to take seriously about this thing. 

Amalina Dahlan,

A Family

The story of A family is about George who is long time to not meet his bestfriend, Simon. Simon is George friend since fifteen year ago. They are very close friend who knows one’s thought, with whom one passes long, quiet, happy evenings, to whom one tells one’s secret love affairs, and who seems to draw out those rare. After Simon suddenly married silently, he married with the girl he just knew for awhile who had come to Paris in search of a husband. That girl is not too pretty as well as he want. He can’t imagine how Simon look after fifteen years he didnt meet. Is it Simon look still lively, witty, light-hearted and enthusiastic. A man may change greetly in the course of fifteen years. One day, they decide to meet and George was shocked when someone called him but he didn’t know who he is. Then a man rushed up to me with open arms and George was like astonishment and greeting him. Simon asked George what had he expect him and George trying to dicovered at the Simon face. There is no longer saw the same expression in the Simon’s eyes. From the Simon’s eyes George saw a lot of happiness and friendship but at the other side they had not that cear, intelligent expression which shows as much as words the brightness of the intelect. Suddenly there have a little girl and boy beside Simon, then he introduced them to George as his children. George feel so awkward in that moment then he told that he have three more at home. Simon said this in a prod, self-satisfied, almost triumphant manner. Before they arrive at Simon’s house, they set off through the town, a dull, sleepy, gloomy town where nothing was moving except a few dogs. Then George reach at Simon’s house which look like a chateau. Suddenly a lady appeared on the steps, dressed for company and Simon introduced that lady is his wife. A girl George had seen in church fifteen years ago, but astout lady in curls and flounces one of those ladies of uncertain age. In short, she was a mother, a commonplace mother. When he entered the house, he directly saw an old man in the drawing room, the Simon told that he was his grandfather. The old man tried to greeting George and he waved his hand. Simon said to George that he made his grandfather laugh because he is a treasure, that old man, he is delight of the children. Then Simon told to George his grandfather so greedy that he almost killd himself at every meal, George have no idea what he would eat if he were allowed to do as he pleased. Sa after Simon saud that, George go to his room for change his dress for dinner and hearing a great clatter behind he on the stairs. Suddenly when the bell rang, it was for dinner so George went downstairs , Simon’s grandfather, Madame Radevin took George arm in ceremonious manner then Madam Radevin gave a greedy and curious look at the dessert, and he turned his shaking head with difficultly from one dish to other. Madame Radevin wants more meal to eat, George asked to give whatever he want but Simon didn’t allowed him to give to his grandfather for his health. Madame Radevin cannot eat too much because he sick. After the dinner over, they had played cards for a long time, then George go to his bed room and look at the window thinking about how come his friend, Simon have five children and snouring my the side of his ugly wife.

Amalina Dahlan,